Hello! My name is Lola and I'd like to welcome you to Arthur Murray St. Louis! I am thrilled for the opportunity to share the beauty & benefits of dance with you! Here at Arthur Murray St. Louis you will find a home away from home. A place of love and kindness filled with people who just love to dance!

I have seen over and over again how dancing changes lives. Dancing develops self-esteem and confidence in everyone. It can provide an avenue to become closer to your partner or loved one. No matter your background, previous experience (none needed!) or if you think you'll never be able to learn because you have 'two left feet', we have the perfect dance studio for you.

I hope you give us an opportunity to show you how life-changing and fulfilling dancing can be. I'm excited to have you join our community and hopefully one day you'll call Arthur Murray St. Louis your home away from home too!


Dancing at the Castle House

Dancing at the Castle House

At Castle House, Arthur learned the famous Castle Walk and Tango.

Early 1900s

Early Life

1915 Dancing at the Castle House

At Castle House, Arthur learned the famous Castle Walk and Tango.

Below: 1925-1929

Social Dancing


A pioneer of social dancing, Arthur's early success was due in part to his involvement in the American social dance scene.

Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing by Arthur Murray

Beyond radio and personal dance lessons, Arthur Murray wrote several books and brochures to promote the social aspects of dance.


Stepping Forward

Summer, 1914

The Baroness De Kuttleston, whom Mr. Murray had met at Castle House, asked if he would be her teaching partner


By 1919, Arthur Murray was teaching dance in his spare time.

He soon had over a thousand children of different age groups enrolled in his classes.

The Murray dance classes soon attracted many adults.

March 27, 1920

First radio broadcast

He arranged to have music transmitted to a group of his students, which was the world's first radio broadcast of live dance music.




The famous footprints that became an Arthur Murray trademark


Arthur with movie star Anita Stewart performing the "Hesitation Waltz."

Kathryn & Arthur

A Lifetime

Early 1920s

Kathryn and Arthur met in a radio station in New Jersey during one of his broadcast dance lessons where she was an audience member.

April 24, 1925

Arthur's Family

Arthur and Kathryn were married on April 24, 1925, and opened a dance school together.


Stepping Forward

1930s Revolution

During the 1930s, the studio introduced such dances to the public as the Lambeth Walk and the Big Apple.

It was the Big Apple that turned Mr. Murray’s one studio into the largest chain of dance studios in the world today.

Early 1940s

Creating an Empire


In 1938, the first official opening of a franchised school occurred

By 1946

When Arthur incorporated, there were 72 franchised studios grossing nearly twenty million dollars a year.


The Arthur Murray Party

July of 1950

Arthur bought five fifteen-minute television spots on CBS and persuaded Kathryn to teach on TV.


Dancing onto TV

The Arthur Murray Party was a TV show that ran from 1950-1962, hosted by Arthur and Kathryn Murray.

March 3rd, 1991.

Passing of a star

Passing of a star Arthur passed away on March 3rd, 1991.


Passing of the Baton

Renewed in 1964

A renewed Arthur Murray system took shape in 1964 when a group of Arthur Murray associates and franchisees took the helm.

Under the leadership of Philip S. Masters, George B. Theiss and Samuel A. Costello, the company began to re-invent itself.

New leadership

Chairman Phil Masters with Jerry Lewis at the MDA Telethon.


The advent of disco helped make dance contests and Arthur Murray Studios popular all over again.

Dancing Overseas

Arthur Murray International


Over the past 20 years, Arthur Murray has become a truly global enterprise.


Arthur Murray International

2012: 100 years of dance

As we celebrate 100 years of teaching the world to dance, today there are over 260 Arthur Murray Dance Studios in 21 countries across the globe.

Our longevity is a result of excellent customer service, unparalleled social dance instruction techniques and experienced corporate management that carries on the tradition of excellence started by Arthur himself in 1912.